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Empire City Thu Thiem project occupies a prime location along the Saigon River in this “new district 1” area. Located close to Thu Thiem tunnel on Mai Chi Tho street. This is an extremely convenient regional link for residents who own or rent Empire City apartments. Allowing to move quickly to the center of District 1 in less than 5 minutes. By arterial bridges and connecting with many other neighboring districts such as District 7, Binh Thanh District, Thu Duc City…

All Empire City apartments have a cool and fresh view of the Saigon River. In addition, the Empire City project also owns the tallest 88-storey Empire City observation tower in Vietnam, which attracts attention and contributes to the heat of the Empire City apartment resale market.

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Total Land Area: 14.5 ha
Construction area: 730,000 m2
Number of blocks: 11
Number of apartments: 3,787
Code MU 1,2,3: shopping mall, office
MU code 4 to 11: Apartment
Number of elevators per block: 2
Project scale: 25–88 floors
Apartment area: 50 – 300m2

Investment capital: 27,966 billion VND
Phase 1: MU4 and MU7
Phase 2: MU11
World completed Linden building: 19/2019
World completed the Tilia building: 2/2020
Selling price: 4,000 – 4,500 USD/m2 (rough delivery)
7,000USD/m2 (finished delivery)
Construction period: October 2015
Completion time: 2022 (4 phases)

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Empire City Thu Thiem project provides perfect internal facilities of 5-star international standard, giving residents an ideal quality of life.

Empire City urban area owns a complex of super utilities including outdoor swimming pool, BBQ area, outdoor and indoor children’s play area, sports area with international standard tennis court, jogging track, etc. walking path, high-class gym, green Saigon riverside park, modern magnetic card parking, commercial center with busy shopping area, spa, restaurant chain – coffee …

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Empire City Thu Thiem Project Information


A bridge for those who need to transfer and want to sell Empire City apartments

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Financial benefits

The high-end apartment segment of the Empire City project in District 2 is an ideal profitable investment channel in many different forms.

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Empire City project owns 88-storey Empire City tower, 600m central pedestrian street and busy commercial square.

Căn hộ Empire City Thủ Thiêm

Hot Real Estate

The hotness of the Empire City project is pushed to a very high level when exploiting the strengths of the diamond location, 5-star standard facilities and international investors.


We currently have Empire City apartments for sale with good prices, good location. If you need profitable investment advice, please contact us for advice and receive a “revealing” analysis on how to invest in real estate effectively in 2023.

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Real Estate NEWS In Empire City

Empire City Thu Thiem project is a big real estate project that is “making a storm” in Thu Thiem new urban area under the investment hands of 4 “old” units in the domestic and international real estate market. are Kepple Land, Gaw Capital Partners, Tien Phuoc Real Estate and Tran Thai Real Estate. Empire City project has a prime location close to Thu Thiem tunnel on Mai Chi Tho Boulevard. Therefore, Empire City has perfect regional links, extremely convenient for travel, it only takes 5 minutes to move to the existing downtown district 1. Empire City is also a connection point for high-class urban areas such as Sala urban area of Dai Quang Minh, Eco smart city, Khanh Hoi urban area… Besides, Empire City apartments inherit the internal utilities of the area. and the most modern international facilities outside, the most prominent of which is the 88-storey Empire City observation tower, the highest in Vietnam. Residents living in Empire City will enjoy a rare green – clean living environment with 60% of the area covered with green areas, a cool view all year round overlooking the Saigon River and directly looking at the center of District 1 and District 1. 4. Empire City Thu Thiem project promises to be a “super product” of real estate that completely transforms Thu Thiem area. Currently, Empire City has opened for sale and transfer of apartments in blocks Linden, Cove and Tilia.